Public Speaking

Jeremy Sycks: Public Speaker
Jeremy Sycks in Las Vegas, NV 2018

Jeremy is now accepting bookings. His bookings are for public speaking events.

Are you ready for some straight from the heart, no filler, and no b.s. speaking and training? You are where you want to be!

Whether, your business, school, or organization is looking for an inspirational story to inspire and motivate a group or a team. Or, you are looking to understand more about better communication and behavior skills. Then, you have come to the right place.

Furthermore, has the morale in your business seemed to go down? Have you been witnessing poor communication in your business? The good news is that you can make your business soar with creating more effective communication standards with your staff. Besides communication abilities, the morale in your business will go up. In addition, your staff will be happier and thank you for it!

It has been observed and studied that most people whom work for a company originally come for the money however, they stay long term based off how they feel about working there. So, to create great retention and longevity, peak communication and behavior skills are necessary. Now, when you back that with a good training plan and a team focused environment, your business only has a positive and productive path to follow.

To have the opportunity to speak to and help you create a plan for your business would be my honor. I love to see people win in business and in life! Let’s work together and I will motivate, inspire, and/or create a plan for your business or organization that will put you on the winning path! Click the contact button below for pricing and availability for public speaking.