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NLP Training

Looking for NLP Training? provides an infrastructure that allows you to learn in a flexible online format but also gives you the supervision you need to master NLP skills. We then assign activities that require you to really apply what you’re learning to your own self-development, as well as to working with others. Then, you’ll submit reports where we can truly evaluate your understanding of the tools and techniques and provide necessary feedback.

Through a series of required offline activities we call Psyche Builders, Stealth Missions, and Coaching Exercises, you will be integrating your new skills and reporting on your experiences. You get to take the tools you learn, while you’re learning them and use them in your daily life. The advantage of this style of training is that you are able to use your new NLP skills in the environment they are intended, not in a training room. Therefore, if we don’t see successful integration or you have questions, we are always there to help. You won’t find this type of ongoing, integrated training and support anywhere else!

Learn more about available training and certifications below.

NLP Practitioner Certification Training:

NLP Practitioner Certification
  • 100% accredited, NLP Training Practitioner certification
  • 12 Modules, 77 Audios, 17 Videos and access to our vast webinar library
  • Work entirely online in our blended learning environment- no travel required!
  • Unlimited Live NLP Training Sessions in our Virtual Classrooms – Web Conference Format!
  • Study NLP at your own pace and even start Right Now
  • Lifetime access to your NLP learning material
  • Live, expert help when you need it via email, online chat, and phone
  • Work Together Student Directory to work with other students in our Virtual Student Study Room
  • Free, Weekly NLP Training & Coaching Webinars/Workshops Private student-only Facebook Group
  • Created from over 30 years of international NLP training experience
  • Simple, intuitive online learning platform makes it easy to study
  • Certificates printed and mailed at the completion of the course
  • No hidden or additional fees!

$499.00 USD

NLP Master Practitioner Combo Certification:

NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Combo
  • 100% Accredited, NLP Training Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification.
  • 23 Modules, 114 Audios, 23 Videos plus access to our vast webinar library
  • Unlimited Live NLP Training Sessions in our Virtual Classrooms – Web Conference Format!
  • 2 Certificates printed and mailed at the completion of the courses
  • Up to 24 ICF CCE hours
  • Lifetime access to your learning material
  • Work entirely online – no travel required!
  • Live, expert help via email, chat, and phone
  • Work Together Student Directory Access
  • Weekly NLP Coaching Webinars/Workshops
  • Private Student-Only Facebook Group
  • Lifetime membership with the INA
  • No hidden or additional fees!

$899.00 USD

Life Coaching Certification:

Life Coaching Certification

The Most Complete, Affordable & Flexible Life Coach Training & Certification. 
All the Tools and Skills You’ll Need to be an Effective Life Coach!

Life Coach Training that Includes Three Professional Certifications

  • Accredited Life Coach Certification (CLC & NCC)
  • Accredited NLP Practitioner  Certification (P.NLP)
  • Accredited NLP Master Certification (M.NLP)
  • Plus, a Free Marketing Course to get your life coach business started!

Accredited Life Coach Certification Online with a Convenient & Flexible, Self-Paced Schedule!

  • Work entirely online, when it’s convenient for you – make your own schedule!  
  • 25+ Small Group Training Sessions available per week to participate in! Work directly with your trainers in our virtual classrooms!
  • 100% Online Life Coach Certification Course with 24/7 Lifetime Access

Lifetime Life Coach Training Support in our Online Classrooms

  • Weekly NLP and Life Coach Training Clinics
  • Weekly Live Marketing Training
  • Private Student-Only Facebook Community

Full Accreditation & Professional Memberships

  • 60 ICF (International Coach Federation) ACSTH training hours
  • Full Accreditation & Lifetime Membership with the International NLP Association
  • Full Accreditation & 3-month Gold Membership with the International Association of Professional Life Coaches

Build World-Class Skills Beyond Traditional Life Coaching!

You’ll learn each of the life coaching and NLP skills in a systematic way that mirrors the life coaching process successful coaches use.

For our life coach certification, we have created the Universal Coaching Model™ that assists you through each phase of the coaching session, so you know what to do and when to do it. With the help of our Coach-Go™ and Coach-Do™ worksheets, you will be able to confidently move your client from obstacle to action, to goal.

Throughout your online training, you’ll be practicing these tools in your offline assignments and during your small-group virtual training sessions. With over 25 live sessions per week, you’ll have ample opportunity to discuss what you’re learning, practice techniques, and get one-to-one feedback from your trainers and other students. When a live session fits your schedule, you’ll just click a button to pop into the classroom. It’s that easy and that convenient!

By the end of your Life Coach certification online experience, you’ll have:

  • Over 50 NLP and life coaching techniques to use with clients, all organized in a common-sense, accessible way.
  • A simple-to-use coaching system for working effectively with clients.
  • Knowledge and experience putting the coaching system in practice, just like you will as a professional life coach.
  • Three professional and accredited life coaching certifications to hang on your wall!
  • A business and marketing plan with a step-by-step guide for success!

No Set Starting Dates – Start Whenever You Want! Self-paced training PLUS over 25 live sessions available per week to choose from!

$2,400.00 USD

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