Help with grief is an ongoing process.

Help with grief

Many people who experience trauma may not know if they need help with grief. Others seek help and think that once they have gone through the grief once, they will have forever “fixed” their struggles with it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if getting help with grief was like a painting that, once completed, could hang on a wall to be enjoyed, but required no further work? 

Unfortunately, it does not work that way! When you have taken steps to get help with grief, you have done all that you can do at that moment in time. So why do we still get sad and depressed afterward?

The reality is this. Unlike a painting that never changes, you continue to encounter new things in your life every day that can remind you that the grief is there. This is where grief can become an ongoing process.

Continuing your help with grief

When getting help with your grief it may be better compared to a beautiful garden, rather than a painting. With a garden, your action plan should call for you to till the “soil” so to speak and decide what elements of that grief serve you. Then, you must discover what other things you want to “weed out” and let go of. You do this to not get in the way whatever fond memories you have of that situation that are resourceful. 

Once completed, you can stand back and enjoy what you have accomplished, just like that painting. Here is the challenge though. With a garden, you need to continue to tend to it and pull the occasional weed that pops up! Then, as your life continues, it is important to take additional action to manage your grief. Dealing with these new incomplete elements that come to mind is how you do it.

Here are a few problems that I have witnessed. First, people take their first steps to get help with grief. Then, they often forget that this is an ongoing process. Next, they feel such a relief concerning all the action that they initially took. Then, they often fall back on their old habits of “hiding away” any new emotional pain that comes to mind. Finally, they continue to find new reminders of things that they wish might have been different in their situation. 

How can I keep the process going when getting help with grief?

There is a key to being successful in dealing with the pain that any loss might bring into your life. You must change the lifelong habit of storing those painful feelings deep inside and not dealing with them effectively. 

Managing your grief is a lifetime plan! Once you have learned how to utilize the tools that my program has to offer in dealing with loss, you can use these same tools on an ongoing basis, not only to continue to manage your grief but in other areas of life as well. 

You no longer need to live under the emotional cloud! There is a way to cope in any grief situation!

Would you like to learn more about how to get help with grief? Click here to explore more options!

Get the help you need with your grief and live with the happiness in your life that everyone deserves! 

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