Grief and Loss: Learn About Jeremy

Grief and Loss: About Jeremy

I am Jeremy Sycks, and, I am going to explain how I got through my grief and loss. I am a Grief management coach, NLP Trainer, and Public Speaker.

I am often asked the following questions, “What in the world is a Grief management coach? What is NLP? What do you do?”

These are great questions as there was a point in my life where I would have asked the same things!

Let me share a bit about my background, and I assure you it will all come clear for you.

It is quite a story….

From Grief and loss to a great life

I am mostly just a regular guy that grew up in Southeastern Ohio in the United States. However, I grew up in a poor family. My family was often moving from home to home sometimes as frequent as twice per year.

I encountered many types of grief as I was growing up and moving through adulthood. As a bit of a small kid, in fact, I was only 5ft 0in and 98 pounds when I started high school.

Which, I was often teased for being a small kid. I do not know my biological father as he left before my birth. I was sexually abused. My step father at the time was engulfed deeply in substance abuse. My mother worked upwards of 80-100 hours per week to keep things moving and bills paid (sometimes).

Life was not an easy road growing up. However, my mother did the best she could, and thanks to her strength and resolve, I learned to persevere and worked on my goals. After 3 years of getting my butt handed to me in sports and life, I had some great success as a wrestler my senior year of high school. I thought I hit the top of the world. This guy thought he had overcome it all and then adulthood set in. It had begun!

Adulthood and more grief and loss

Grief and Loss: About Jeremy
Jeremy at 17 years old

I began working in retail and quickly established myself as I started running a store and a flea market business by the time I was 19 years old. I knew I could be successful despite my past challenges but was still finding my “why” and how I would do it.

Over the next few years I had became a father of a wonderful baby boy but, also had two failed relationships and had fell down to a point where at 25 years old I had to move back in with my Mother to pick my life back up. Thankfully, the drug abusing step father was long gone at that point.

Fast forward a few years, and I met a wonderful woman that is now my wife. Employment for me was back at an all time high as I was an operations manager for a major retailer. I even was able to get full custody of my son, buy a home, and have a beautiful daughter! Life seemed about as perfect as it could get!

Life happens

Grief and Loss: Jeremy and Skyler
My son Skyler and I

My wife Mindy and I went through some crazy stuff just when it all seemed to be going well. Mindy and I had just left our jobs to run our businesses that was doing well then the recession of 2008 hit.

Here came the grief again! In fact, Mindy had four, yes, four miscarriages. Our businesses dried up and we lost them both. Also, foreclosure was on the horizon, and then bankruptcy was to follow.

2010 came, and we were back at ground zero, the starting blocks. A family of four looking for work, a home, and some hope and promise.

Things began to look up. Jobs and income were secured, and we found a lovely little house that we could afford and started building our lives again. Then, Life happened again.

Unthinkable grief and Loss

Grief and Loss: Sycks Family
My Family

Things looked as if they were on the right track when the worst news of all came to be. Skyler, our son, was showing flu symptoms. So, we took him to the doctor. After hours of extensive tests and examinations, the worst news possible was told to us. Your son has an brain tumor.

News like this is really not anything one can prepare for. We were devastated!
I mean, what is a person to do? Then, it became even worse. Doctors had now told us that it was cancerous, inoperable, and that he had a 3% chance of surviving to adulthood. The nightmare of Grief and Loss at its apex!

Skyler was a warrior. He inspired thousands of people from around the world. He never complained, cried about his situation, nor showed any fear to his final breath.

So, what is a Dad to do now? Well, I could have packed it in at that point. It would have been easy to get on medications to cover my sorrows, abuse alcohol, ignore my wife and daughter, and mostly just become stuck and unresourceful. However, I’ve always been one to go against the grain.

Almost immediately after Skyler’s death, I thought about him never making excuses, serving others, and putting perfectly healthy and able people ahead of himself. Furthermore, Skyler talked to people with a sage council and helped people through their grief over his illness and imminent death. In addition, this kid was only 12!

How to cope with the loss of a loved one

Grief and Loss: Jeremy and Jade
My daughter Jade and I at the ocean

As you can see I have faced my share of grief and loss. The experiences I have endured kind of made me an unintentional expert at managing grief and loss. To sum it all up, I had two choices. Like the movie, The Shawshank Redemption says, “Get busy living or get busy dying!”

I had no excuses after watching Skyler do what he did! So, what did I do? I got busy living. First, I created a mission to make every day a productive, resourceful experience that honored Skyler. Next, I began to find the education that I needed that would match my mission. Then, I created a program that could help others find a resourceful way to handle grief and loss. Lastly, I am here helping the masses with their grief and loss.

This is what a grief management coach is and how I became one. It wasn’t a job or a position that I stumbled upon but, rather a resourceful way of life that I’ve lived and created. Now, I want to share what I did and how I did it so that you can learn to manage your own grief in a resourceful and effective way.

Grief and Loss: Believe build conquer your life

Grief and Loss: Believe, Build and Conquer Your Life

No matter what grief you face or how much you face, I can tell you that life is still a great thing! In fact, jobs are had and lost, relationships build and crumble, money comes and goes, it is all opportunity mixed with difficulty! Unfortunately, people leave your life from time to time. Whether it be by choice or by death, you are still alive and have a purpose and have great things to do! So, how will you handle it?

It is ok to cry and grieve with your feelings. However, you must think, act, and honor with your logic. Through my experience as a certified master practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP- The study of successful communications and behaviors among people) and my many grief experiences. Now, I am excited to show you how you can create skills that will help you to have a happy and healthy, productive life through managing your grief.

Whether, you are a struggling as an individual, a group, or family with your grieving process I can help! Please contact me if you would like more information about managing your grief!

More about Jeremy’s Life

He has been a business management professional for 25 years with different companies. In addition to his vast experiences as a manager and trainer for some well known companies, he is well accomplished in other areas.

He is a 20 plus year singer/songwriter, a certified NLP practitioner, NLP master practitioner, life coach, and NLP trainer through the iNLP Center and is a member of the International NLP association (INA).

Jeremy has created the “How to Cope with the Loss of a Loved One” coaching program which helps a person find resourceful states and a sense of purpose as they work through their grief..

Jeremy currently resides in Southern Ohio with his wife Mindy and his daughter Jade.